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Handsome Devil


I HAD to choose yellow with that shirt. And the demon avie.  Zibska never ceases to amaze.



  • Zibska (mp blog | flickr inworld)
    • Amadour trousers, 12 colours via HUD
    • Breunor shirt,  8 prints and a fabulous collar 🙂



The Magician event






If any followers out there noticed I am posting less frequently these days: been busy organizing the Create your own Tarot event. This hobby takes up about one-two hours each day, which is exactly the time I had for SL photography. I do still make images, however mostly related to the event. I also started creating as Larissa Starostin, which seems to be great fun, I am fully inspired and enjoying the growth in skills. To avoid going crazy with multitasking I decided to manage this blog on each Saturday, and cover less events. But there might still be some surprise posts when I cannot resist! However if any of you reading this post wish to help me with the organization of the Tarot event, please let me know. I could use some help updating the CyoT blog with vendor pics/logos and someone else helping me with the FB updates would also be appreciated. I am not sure what I can offer in exchange besides the pleasure of seeing it nicely get together.  I am not doing this for profit, more for the fun of it, and I am fully satisfied with the result this way.

Punk Nouveau – Davine

Punk Nouveau - Davine 01

Somehow I liked the idea to add the goggles to this crazy couture outfit and then the intense bright lights came naturally. I hope you click on the larger versions to enjoy the pics in their intended size.


Zibska (mp blog | flickr inworld) :

  • Hair: Calisto
  • Outfit: Davina
  • Makeup: Aya lips 04


  • Goggles: Dirty Cute – Goggles (Pitch Black)
  • Skin: Glam affair Sia skin (Asia 05 G) (blog)
  • Mesh body: Maitreya (mp | flickr  | blog | facebook inworld)
  • Poses: PosESion and LePoppycock

Punk Nouveau - Davine 02 Punk Nouveau - Davine 03 Punk Nouveau - Davine 04

The Fool – an event in the planning


Been busy with preparations for The Fool event, which is a great and fulfilling experience, and I wish i had more time to write about it. All in all, I love anticipation, the excitement of what the creators come up with, and how the community gets inspired by them is quite the kick! So here is a taste, but more will soon follow.


  • Thongs, Nipple Pasties, Wrist cuffs: Larissa Starostin (formerly know as Lar’s Workshop) (CyoT March15-31)
  • Hat: Zibska (CyoT March15-31)
  • Makeup: Lyrical B!zarre Templates (CyoT March15-31)
  • Hair: Exile – Windsong

Location: Verdigris


Live every moment



  • InGreen2

Girls in lingerie

Girls in lingerie
Natalie’s pose by Le Poppycock and Larissa’s pose was done by herself


  • Natalie’s skin: LAQ ~ Linnea Peach skin
  • Natalie’s hair:TRUTH HAIR Mindy
  • Larissa’s skin: Glam affair – Sia
  • Larissa’s makeup: Zibska (mp blog | flickr inworld)
  • Larissa is wearing Maitreya “Lara” mesh body and an old hair from TinyBird
  • Both are wearing:
    • alaskametro<3 “Yvette” lingerie (@Anybody)
    • alaskametro<3 “Carmen” gatcha stockings (@Anybody)
  • Background: Floorplan shelves
Girls in lingerie
Le Poppycock poses

“Yvette” is this month’s anyBODY event exclusive – featuring many mix-and-match layers, appliers for Omega/Slink/#TMP, and an optional mesh front tie add-on. Only L$25!


Note: On Larissa the Omega/Maitreya appliers were acting weird, they seem to “timeout” when two layers are displayed and a refresh is needed. Has anyone experienced the same?


Lar’s New Pose:

GoodmorningstarshineVendor2 GoodmorningstarshineVendor

Zibska on TTS


“A few elegant shapes, rythm and daring creativity…”

Larissa chose to wear Zibska‘s headdress and necklace designed for the now open Totally Top Shelf events. Completing the outfit she is wearing a simple black dress now out at Maitreya, perfectly fitting her body.

The Headdress and necklace comes with a colour change HUD, but somehow black and white gave a simple, but great contrast. Haute Couture virtually has no boundaries…




Out of this World


Totally Top Shelf Events: Out of this World is open from the 12th January – 2nd February. This is my first time for “officially” blogging for the event, and started out with two celestial figures, Sun and Moon… or Day and Night (though you might have a hard time figuring which is whom… that should be fun). I do like the contrast of black and gold, and I believe there is a Sam Sparro song that would nicely fit in there too.





More info on TTS:


Creators of the event:

  • FDD Store
  • .random.Matter.
  • Climhazzard
  • DAZED. (former UtopiaH)
  • Kitty Moon
  • Exo.core
  • Moonshadow Designs
  • Ab.Fab Boutique
  • May’s Soul/Tentacio
  • SWaGGa
  • Asset
  • Aphrodisiac
  • BabyDoll.
  • Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Enchantment!
  • Baubles! by Phe & STONE Baubles for Men
  • Naraxas
  • ::Bite&Claw::
  • Tabou Irresistible
  • Nerdology
  • .ARISE.
  • Endless Pain Tattoos
  • NeverWish
  • glYph
  • tiar
  • ::Moon Inc::
  • .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
  • Zibska
  • SadHarlekin
  • In This Moment
  • A Moment’s Beauty
  • Distorted Dreams


Lar featuring Zibska

Pose: Le Poppycock

I know I probably should not post twice a day, but I am rather happy with the outcome and could not wait. I think the pose complements the outfit and hair perfectly. Well, let me know if you agree… I have had some fun looking for the perfect angle / lighting and pose for a while. Below are some more results. I am still using slight variations of the windlight settings detailed here.