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It’s totally been way too long since out last blog post and I completely apologise! I just kept putting it off! I’m going to try to post more, probably on Tuesdays and Fridays as those will be free nights for me for the unseeable future!

Okay, moving on from that! Let’s see what I’m wearing today!

I have to say I am really fond of the KITJA outfit. I wear it all the time, to be honest. It’s great for chilling out, or if you want to just be sexy.

And what is in my background? Well, since you asked, Dust Bunny was having a sale, 50L’s or less on so many items… I just couldn’t help myself! I spent way to much there, pretty much bought everything there as there was no reason not to. I don’t have all the furniture I bought in the pictures, but I definitely have them up at my house. If you haven’t checked it out, I would. There are some total steals.


Summer break


Featuring pieces from Zaara’s awesome collection  from the June Arcade. (Also a building from Tarte, items from Junk and Anc’s peacock!)

Stretching her legs: Abigel Nightfire. She could not decide if she should go with pink or blue shades… well both rock.

Enjoying the sun and shades in RL too: I am spending less time in front of the screen, please excuse the break in my blogging. I do have a surprise project, but it takes a bit longer than planned.


My Home/Studio


The Domineaux Effect: Industrial Loft Skybox

Main area:
Luna Fatale: Photo Studio Backdrop, DSLR Camera and Tripod
Cheeky Pea: Stargazer Landing Makesift Loveseat, Stargazer Landing Squash  (from Fameshed)
Consignment: T-Read Bookshelf, Arch Coffee table, Bookworm Coffee Rable
Tartessos Arts: PhotoStudio Magazines, PhotoStudio Lamp
Junk: lazy daybed. RARE, t. pipe light. pipe telephone.
Sway’s: [Neal] Jeans and Bra

Junk:dreamers light. iron, junk. , pulley ceiling light, repurposed saddle seat. bronze, repurposed wheel light. iron, repurposed wheel table. bronze,salvaged tractor seat, junk. wall desk. wood,
Chez Moi: Dart Board Decor New York
N4RS: WET – Adult Shower
Trompe Loeil: Hanging Line With Photos, Timeless Kitchen Green

The bedroom will be detailed in a future post.

Studio02 Studio03