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It’s totally been way too long since out last blog post and I completely apologise! I just kept putting it off! I’m going to try to post more, probably on Tuesdays and Fridays as those will be free nights for me for the unseeable future!

Okay, moving on from that! Let’s see what I’m wearing today!

I have to say I am really fond of the KITJA outfit. I wear it all the time, to be honest. It’s great for chilling out, or if you want to just be sexy.

And what is in my background? Well, since you asked, Dust Bunny was having a sale, 50L’s or less on so many items… I just couldn’t help myself! I spent way to much there, pretty much bought everything there as there was no reason not to. I don’t have all the furniture I bought in the pictures, but I definitely have them up at my house. If you haven’t checked it out, I would. There are some total steals.


Luxe Box: August


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Hello Lovelies,

Rose Scribe here with another blog post, this time featuring some of the items from Luxe Box! I must say, I have been doing this since it came out and I have yet to be disappointed with the content, nor can you beat the price! Especially given the amount of content you get from it!

So without further ado, let’s see what I am wearing!




Hello all,

It has been a few weeks since out last post, but don’t fret we haven’t forgotten about blogging! Here we have a new one post as we sport some new looks! Without further ado lets look at what we are wearing!

Rose Scribe –

Apollo Scribe –

Pose – 

  • Del May Fashionates

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Back to Blogging: With Rose



Dear all,

I am back to blogging with my amazing stylist and assistant, model and SL wife: Lytril Rose Scribe.

Without further ado, let’s see what we are wearing:



  • Addams // Open Shirt Rolled Up w/T-Shirt // Dark Blue
  • INVICTUS – Shorts Jeans  Black




Machinima day: Post-apocalyptic random mix of SL impressions


Another exercise to edit along music, using several post-apocalyptic locations in Secondlife. Again, I liked the music for the theme, but it is still just a series of random shots. For now I am satisfied with the result as a practice, but the aim is to be more story conscious after a few similar exercises.

Music: Deep Sense (from Zsolnai’s album: The Wait)