Machinima day: Post-apocalyptic random mix of SL impressions

Another exercise to edit along music, using several post-apocalyptic locations in Secondlife. Again, I liked the music for the theme, but it is still just a series of random shots. For now I am satisfied with the result as a practice, but the aim is to be more story conscious after a few similar exercises.

Music: Deep Sense (from Zsolnai’s album: The Wait)


My first SL video: City Inside Out

“Walking into any interior reveals only exteriors. The sense of personal space is absent. How is a city experienced when there are no comforts for the soul, no home?”

Secondlife video of an amazing art installation by SL resident Haveit Neox. I like how the music complements the mood of the place. From the album Penumbra, Meridian was composed by an RL friend, please check out his webpage at I used an xbox controller in SL for the capture, but I still need to practice. I loved working on this!

Summer break


Featuring pieces from Zaara’s awesome collection  from the June Arcade. (Also a building from Tarte, items from Junk and Anc’s peacock!)

Stretching her legs: Abigel Nightfire. She could not decide if she should go with pink or blue shades… well both rock.

Enjoying the sun and shades in RL too: I am spending less time in front of the screen, please excuse the break in my blogging. I do have a surprise project, but it takes a bit longer than planned.