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The High Priestess round for Create your own Tarot


These days I was busy with the preparations for the May round of the Create your own Tarot event as well as wrapping up the Photo Contest for the previous round. This round we have all the stalls full of great items, I really hope people get inspired to work on their own designs!


HP_openingParty  2_TheHighPriestessl_ContestPoster1

The Magician event






If any followers out there noticed I am posting less frequently these days: been busy organizing the Create your own Tarot event. This hobby takes up about one-two hours each day, which is exactly the time I had for SL photography. I do still make images, however mostly related to the event. I also started creating as Larissa Starostin, which seems to be great fun, I am fully inspired and enjoying the growth in skills. To avoid going crazy with multitasking I decided to manage this blog on each Saturday, and cover less events. But there might still be some surprise posts when I cannot resist! However if any of you reading this post wish to help me with the organization of the Tarot event, please let me know. I could use some help updating the CyoT blog with vendor pics/logos and someone else helping me with the FB updates would also be appreciated. I am not sure what I can offer in exchange besides the pleasure of seeing it nicely get together.  I am not doing this for profit, more for the fun of it, and I am fully satisfied with the result this way.

The Fool – an event in the planning


Been busy with preparations for The Fool event, which is a great and fulfilling experience, and I wish i had more time to write about it. All in all, I love anticipation, the excitement of what the creators come up with, and how the community gets inspired by them is quite the kick! So here is a taste, but more will soon follow.


  • Thongs, Nipple Pasties, Wrist cuffs: Larissa Starostin (formerly know as Lar’s Workshop) (CyoT March15-31)
  • Hat: Zibska (CyoT March15-31)
  • Makeup: Lyrical B!zarre Templates (CyoT March15-31)
  • Hair: Exile – Windsong

Location: Verdigris


Designer Applications are now open for “The Magician” Event in April!

Create Your Own SL Tarot

The Blogger Applications are closed for the March event, you can find the list of bloggers here! let me grab the opportunity to thank everyone who applied.


The designer applications for the April event are open now, as a fresh designer you can apply here.

Current designers do not need to reapply, just please fill the questionnaire sent via the inworld group.

Teaser:The “Minor Arcana mini-market” next to the event is to be opened soon, I will send details on this later this week!

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Blogger Applications are now OPEN

Location Announcement: Verdigris

Create Your Own SL Tarot


We proudly announce that our events are going to take place at the beautiful Verdigris, a veteran sim of Awesome. We are going to be part of the Vintage Village, which is a perfect place to host such event. The event is going to resemble a small vintage market with  22 small parcels. Feel free to visit the location to have a quick look: of course it is all work in progress at the moment, but already open for the public to take a peek.






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