Apollo Scribe is a fictional character and photographer in Secondlife. Open for assignments from profile pics to event and fashion photography, even videos. Anything involving lights, angles and beauties to capture.

He mostly sets up the lights in windlight and aims for little photoshopping, if doing any at all.

Apollo has started organizing the event series Create your own Tarot in 2015 January.

Contact him inworld, on Twitter, on Facebook or write a message on flickr if you are interested in his services.

Other skills: Project Management, Typography, Marketing, Writing, Video editing, E-Learning


Models, stylists featured on the blog:

  • Larissa Starostin (Please send her the female items to review)
  • Abigel Nightfire
  • Guests (Feel free to apply, I am always happy to take a few shots of new faces)


Grand prize winner of the Pinoy Hideout Island Photocontest (November, 2014)



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