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The Chamber

The Chamber

Today is the last day for “The Chamber Society” photo contest and just submitted the above picture. I am sure there are many great competitors in there, but it has been a gret project, as always.

Location: The Chamber Society – Upper Floor

First,  I wanted to fill the upper floor to have the Eyes Wide Shut mood, and with the help of a few club members we did a great series, but somehow I voted for the above picture with a Del May pose. It is hard to make a convincing shot with so many people. You can view the series with other great pictures in the Flickr group for The Chamber.

Update on 26th October: Did not even get into the first 20, but I enjoyed planning for the contest. I guess my approach is very different to these pics than it was expected. OR I sohuld have played with the lights more. All in all congratulations to the winners and all participants.

Forest Spirit in Black

Forest Spiritin Black
Forest Spiritin Black

Stylist and model: Larissa Starostin

Lar’s notes: I wanted to make something ever since I have seen this hair, and on the candy fair I really loved the nest and eggs gacha from LPM. The look came together when I visited Mudskin and found the wonderful free skin there. I altered the shape that came with the skin quite a lot, as it looked too young and faery like for this pic.


Settings used:


Further related pics on FLICKR:

Forest Spirit in Raven gown




DeviousMind‘s Secret Affair gacha masks are stunning beauties, I love how they look on Abigel. She picked an old Leezu sculptie silk skirt with her favourite Chaospire corset and  she does look dramatic against the black background.  Later we went to shop to the Jewelry fair, where she wanted to have Aisling‘s Papillon Mimic earring, and we made a few pics with those as well.