Autumn on Pigeon Island


This is just one new picture for this post, but was so well received on Flickr, I needed to make a blogpost of it. The location is Pigeon Island, a favored spot. Though the colours of the autumn sim can be amazingly bright and beautiful, I went for a more restrained, realistic impression.

Actually i have a few older pictures from the same location, it is a good excuse to share them here. I can only recommend to explore the sim in detail.





My first peek at Umbra, location of the most recent photography contest I found. Pretty spectacular place with many scenes you can play with. Here is a select few I came up with, to get a taste. Go, make your own and link them in the comments 🙂

Also, I created this Flickr group for Contest Announcements, I hope it will work and help more people to find these opportunities to show off talent.

Umbra2   Umbra1 Umbra5Umbra4

How they met


The girl walks slowly along the street, looking around as if looking for a place and checking her phone every once in a while. She notices the guy with a bare nod of her head, but just keeps walking on without saying anything.

The man looks after the girl, noticing her cleavage and pretty face even if he is still a bit drowsy in the morning, rubbing his eyes he looks after her and lets out a loud whistle. “Hey miss…. you seem to have dropped something…” he grins and walks after her, wondering if she would stop.

She does stop, turning around to take a closer look at him. She frowns a bit, and her hands checks for something in her pocket. “hmm? I don’t think i’ve dropped anything”

He reaches out something for her as he takes another step closer, looking her over with bright, glinting eyes, taking in the view “It’s my card actually… ” he offers an apologetic nod and a half smirk. “Pretty girls like you should not walk around without having my number…”

Alenah rolls her eyes, but the way her lips curve she looks more amused than annoyed. “oh yeah?” she says, actually reaching back to pick the card and take a look at it. “And how’s that? You offer any essential service?”

He chuckles, raising an eyebrow as he explains the web address besides the phone number and his name “A photographer actually. Always on the hunt for undiscovered talent. Would you be interested in modelling?” he took a few steps around her, checking her from different angles without reaching out to touch her, but definitely liking what he sees.

The girl chuckles, definetely amused now, and shaking her head “oh, that line’s a classic, I like it. I’m curious, does it actually ever work for you?”

He laughs and admits, almost blushing. Definitely has quite the experience in the field. “Vanity… is a weak spot for girls, usually. And I mean it. I am a photographer. Has its perks. I cannot deny it. A conversation starter for sure.” he tilts his head, bowing slightly in front of her, addressing openness with openness.

Alenah smiles, appreciating him trying not to squirm his way out of it, and shrugs a bit “it’s ok… like i said, there are much worse lines you can run into.” *examining the card to try and see how serious it actually is* “so is this like.. a hobby of you, or are you actually a professional?”

He smiles when she inspects the card “It is a bumpy road. Sometimes you have an exhibition, the other day noone is interested.” He squints and sighs. “I am a bouncer these days…. gives me ample time to just watch people and not be forced to take on assignments. Let’s say I am more like an artist.” he grins, fully aware how that might sound. “Having good days and bad.” he shrugs. “Look, I am not intent to prove myself, if you like the pics, you like them… if not…” but his eyes do keep getting back to her face and he smiles more. “You are cute, I had to tell you that.”

Her smile brightens “hey… we all have to find our way to get by, don’t we? There are worse jobs than being a bouncer in this town, and should give you some time to look for other things, and do your photography thing. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at some of those pictures, myself… I got a bit curious about how they look”

Apollo nods, and steps closer to her as he inspects his own card in her hand, reaching to touch her fingers absently just for a moment, looking at it then her from above her shoulder and smiles, pointing to the small paper in her hand “Well, there is a website address on the card, but the originals are large… I have a bit of a private exhibition at my place, but inviting you there would be too far fetched out, wouldn’t it…?” he bites his lip and takes a step back while he waits for her reaction, trying not to grin wide.

Alenah doesn’t move away as his fingers brush hers, and she laughs softly as she does spot that hint of a grin on his face. The purse on her lips shows how the curiosity takes the best of her, though. “hmm… I doubt they’d look the same on the screen of a laptop than up close. How about you let me take a look?”


Apollo smiles and leads her to his aparment. Opening the door for her his eyes glint with pride and curiousity. The walls are covered with large prints, some of the best of his shots, a few in smaller groups on the wall, most of his gallery available to look at in prints. The place is otherwise a typical bachelor’s pad, mostly practical, but the lazy neglect lends it a certain grunge charm. A large bed, a comfortable couch, the one room area containing the small kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and the photostudio, mostly one large space, with one secluded toilet/shower in the corner. He watches her and walks over to the fridge taking two beers out of it and offers one to her while she is looking around. “Yeah.. so that’s it…”

The girl looks genuinely surprised as she sees the quality of the pictures on the walls, and she starts to examine them closer “oh, wow… this is actually really good…. -really- good” *looking from one picture to the next, and smiling when he hands over the beer* “thanks. It’s not like I know that much about photography, but some of these do look amazing. Man… you should be making some good money out of these”

The photographer chuckles, visibly enjoying her praising words, but shakes his head, almost humbly, sipping his beer. “You wish… everybody with a phone thinks they are photographers now…” he guides her around and leans next to her when she is taking more time to look at the pictures as if checking the view from her direction. “So.. am I given a green light? Are you okay with some pics taken of?”

She can’t take her eyes off the pictures, even as she drinks from her beer, but she does smile as you lean next to her “heh… now i’m really curious to see how i’d look like in one of these… you can take the pictures right here?”

Apollo smiles. He was actually rarely inspired these days, and he absently strokes her cheek as he walks past her, showing her the studio area. A few lamps, a large black canvas in the background. “This way.. but yes, I do like to go on several locations as well. That is a different story.” he talks while he swtiches some lamps on, walks to his camera stand and gets busy with the settings, ignoring her for a few minutes.

Alenah ‘s soft skin feels warm as he brushes her cheek, and she looks calm and relaxed, watching with curiosity as he turns on the lights and tweak with the expensive looking camera. She doesn’t interrupt him with questions or try to get back his attention, just enjoying seeing him work while she drinks some more of her beer.

Apollo nods to her when he finsihed tweaking a few settings, takes her hand and leads her to stand at a spot. “Okay… do you have any experience with modelling?” He asks and starts to gently guide her into a position, barely touching her with just his fingertips if she is ready to be guided. He chooses a simple pose, but it is more than just standing around. He slowly puts his palm on her stomach and back to indicate how she should hold herself.

She lets him guide her to the spot and can’t hide a grin as he begins motioning her into a pose, but she tries to follow and move how he wants her “this feels a little silly…” *looking like she’s actually having some fun* “and, nah.. you can probably tell i’ve never done this before, but asking was a nice touch” *giving him a playful wink*

Apollo smiles and lowers himself a bit to be in level with her eyes. “Well, you are cute either way…” he brushes away a strand of hair and checks her carefully. He lifts her chin now and walks back to take the camera. Donning his coat before he picks it up. “You can move your hips when you get tired and turn your head slowly, looking at different corners on the ceiling. Just pretend there are fascinating spiders up there… or look at my pictures on the wall. ” He smiles and crouches by her side, clicking away a few shots as he moves around her. He walks closer again then, moves her a bit into another pose, then takes a step back and repeatedly takes a few shots of her like this quietly, focusing on the settings and the results.

Alenah laughs “yeah.. i think i’d rather look at your pictures than at some nasty spiders…” *smiling as the shutter begins to click and moves very slowly, like he told her. She smiles at the camera a few times, or more like at him, but tries to gives him a more muted expression for him to work with as she glances slowly around the room

Apollo chuckles at her comment and walks over to a table after taking a few closeups and places the camera on it. He is standing in front of it, so she might not notice that he switches it into recording mode, but he just leaves it there on the table. “Okay.. so.. to be honest… I am eager to take more but…” he gently tugs at her black shirt. “without this… if you don’t mind.” He would slowly start to peel it off her with gentle moves if she did not resist.

Alenah ‘s eyes wander slowly around the room as she turns in her poses, for a moment actually resting on him, and the way his arms look after he took off his jacket… his camera capturing a glint of appreciation in her face. When he approaches her and begin to tug at her shirt she nibbles on her lower lip, a shade of color bringing up some light to her cheeks. Her fingers brush with his as she helps him unbutton the shirt, and lets him slide it off her shoulders.

Apollo nods slowly as she helps him to get rid of the shirt, his breathing slower, visibly enjoying the calm moves, taking in the sight of revealed skin inch by inch. He strokes her arm with the back of his fingers and leans in to take in her scent, turning away from her with a smile as he drops the shirt on a nearby chair with a lazy move. He takes another camera now, and takes a few pictures of her this way, again guiding her into poses. After a few moments he again shakes his head as he steps closer and this time he moves to remove her white top without saying a word, just checking her eyes if she is okay with the move.

She still looks calm and relaxed as he takes more snaps of her, although the slight red on her cheeks stays, bringing out the color of her freckles. When he reaches again for her top this time, she bites softly on her lip again. When he meets her blue eyes she glances back at him… nods her head ever so slightly, and pulls her arms up as he takes her top off. You see her firm breasts fill under her bra as she takes a deep breath

His nosetrils widen as he takes in a deep breath, his fingers stretching out as he drops the top and lets it fall on the floor, his fingertips crawling over both of her arms now, as he tries to restrain himself from touching her just lightly. He cannot help himself, but groans as he looks down at her bouncing, perfect globes covered by her bra. He inhales and exhales, blinking as he takes in the sight with a soft hiss.

He bites his lip and leans in with a sudden move, dragging her closer to him firmly. The move arches her back and he kisses her cleavage, biting gently against those inviting curves, his lips exploring the exposed flesh as he gives in to his craving, holding her tightly as he looses himself in the pleasure of tasting the feel of her for the first time…


The scene did continue and Alenah and Apollo are together in roleplay happily ever since.

I do need to ask her permission for more of our scenes if anyone is interested, but damn they are hot, and I just had to share how they met.



  • Headdress, Wings, Chest ornament:  Miamai (We ❤ Roleplay event)
  • Gown: DeviousMind – Maenad (Aubergine)
  • Plus a few Cirque de reverie gacha items from Anc.

I must mention Kirin’s pic as a sort of inspiration, I would probably not have done the series if I did not see this before.

Abby_Sidhe02  Abby_Sidhe05 Abby_Sidhe04 Abby_Sidhe03Abby_Sidhe06Abby_Sidhe-07