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Indulging my Narcissism


This weekend I had the pleasure of being photographed and post processed by the man himself, Skip Staheli.

Though I generally do not like overphotoshopped Secondlife pictures (most of the time they bring me to uncanny valley and freak me out), he is one of the artists who work with great taste and lifts the genre to a whole new level. I have to admit: most of his pics are pretty damn awesome.

So I won this opportunity through a photo contest, and was excited to see the result. I have to admit, I know I am raggedly handsome :), there was no surprise there :P. What I liked about the picture most is that he had put a camera in my hand, and placed me into a field which could very well be the location where I shot that contest winning picture. And this detail was, well for me this meant that he really liked my pic, and emphatized with the mood of the shot :).  I knew he did, but seeing the image done that way just… felt really good.

On Sunday I met Alenah, and we had some time for a few pics too, which we rarely have because when we meet…

Anyway, we had time for a few pics, which I have been planning for a long time now and I wanted to include them here too, as this could also have happened on the same day:


“The Shot” pose set by RoLu poses, the female poses come with the Argrace Akane hair.