Out of this World


Totally Top Shelf Events: Out of this World is open from the 12th January – 2nd February. This is my first time for “officially” blogging for the event, and started out with two celestial figures, Sun and Moon… or Day and Night (though you might have a hard time figuring which is whom… that should be fun). I do like the contrast of black and gold, and I believe there is a Sam Sparro song that would nicely fit in there too.





More info on TTS:


Creators of the event:

  • FDD Store
  • .random.Matter.
  • Climhazzard
  • DAZED. (former UtopiaH)
  • Kitty Moon
  • Exo.core
  • Moonshadow Designs
  • Ab.Fab Boutique
  • May’s Soul/Tentacio
  • SWaGGa
  • Asset
  • Aphrodisiac
  • BabyDoll.
  • Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Enchantment!
  • Baubles! by Phe & STONE Baubles for Men
  • Naraxas
  • ::Bite&Claw::
  • Tabou Irresistible
  • Nerdology
  • .ARISE.
  • Endless Pain Tattoos
  • NeverWish
  • glYph
  • tiar
  • ::Moon Inc::
  • .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
  • Zibska
  • SadHarlekin
  • In This Moment
  • A Moment’s Beauty
  • Distorted Dreams


Lar’s first pose


Larissa is working on poses these days, and she is sending out her first to a few bloggers too! Comment here if you want one, I might be able to ask nicely :).

You can get the pose only from MP for now here.

She is wearing her usual favourites:


Blood Makes Noise

Virtually Dressed

Blood Makes Noise
Indyra just released this hot new dress called Heist. As soon as I opened the notice, and saw the photo, I snagged it on Marketplace.  You get the 6 dresses, which is at great price, you also get earrings, and the fatpack of Cerise Handbags with it. I loved it in the Gold version which comes off without materials enabled as a nice nude tone. I haven’t played with the materials setting to check this dress and bag out with them on. I need a graphics card upgrade before I can enjoy materials.

The texture work on the Heist dress is amazing, lot’s of detail. I love the shape of the dress over all, and what a waist and booty! If you wear mesh hands I recommend wearing the next size down or two if you have any parts that show through the sleeves as they go well past…

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Lar featuring Zibska

Pose: Le Poppycock

I know I probably should not post twice a day, but I am rather happy with the outcome and could not wait. I think the pose complements the outfit and hair perfectly. Well, let me know if you agree… I have had some fun looking for the perfect angle / lighting and pose for a while. Below are some more results. I am still using slight variations of the windlight settings detailed here.






Tempted yet?


Great news, my friends! I am starting to be heavily sponsored. I needed to celebrate that with above pic, featuring an awesome design from Zibska, an artist full of daring creativity. Also, I picked the Christmas group gift hair from Tableu Vivant. I do not usually wear long hair in my posts, but I think it does fit the headpiece.




I did edit my pic to add a little blur, but I am not sure if it came out well, so I decided to stick with the original one. Any thoughts on this?

Saving people, Hunting things…


Recently I helped Synyster Creations to set up their inworld store. I do like interior design, helped to set up the square in the front, and of course landed a hand with a few pics too. Syn has a great deal of awesome group gifts for men on display, the T-shirt featured here is just one among the few.

I also got invited to blog for Paper Dolls, so people following both blogs might see similar posts from me for a while.

Speaking of Paper Dolls, Ember wrote a great article on blogging for SL, it is a must read for all fellow bloggers. I have compiled a page full of such articles, it will be under constant construction, but I decided to go public with it anyway.

SynSupernatural_02 SynSupernatural_Lights

I like how the lights turned out in the series, though i have crashed throughout the photoshoot, I was able to reproduce it quite well. Reminds me of a sort of comic book style, which fits the Supernatural theme in a way.